30 Day Music Challenge- Day 14

Posted in 30 Day Music Challenge on August 22, 2011 by Audrea

a song that no one would expect me to love.  I have no idea why I like this song but I do.  I rarely listen to it but when I do I can’t help but try to sing to it.  I can’t ever keep up with it though


30 Day Music Challenge- Day 13

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A song that is my guilty pleasure.  I think this says it all!  I love this song.

30 Day Music Challenge- Day 12

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A song from a band I hate.  I think that one is easy.  Even when Britney was popular I couldn’t stand her.  The radio will always get changed if anything by her comes one.  This one just puts the icing on the cake!


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I now refer to myself as the crazy coupon lady.  In the last few months I have started couponing. I used to occasionally used them if I happened to have them or found them on the products in the store.  At the end of May I made a conscious effort to buy the newspaper and started clipping the coupons.  I also started printing them from the internet.

I started out with a small expanding file that had 10 slots in it like this one

I then went to an expanding file that was just a little bigger.  It had 13 slots and was fabric instead of plastic.  I then started using the “old” one for coupons I didn’t use but I could share with friends and co-workers.  That lasted maybe a month.  It got to the point that it wouldn’t shut anymore unless we sat on the poor thing. I decided it was time to become “one of those couponers.”

When I started couponing I didn’t want to have to have a binder to store all of my coupons.  I didn’t understand why you would want to lug around a binder with coupons in it everywhere you went.  Now after only a week of having the binder I am glad that I have converted and was willing (with nagging from my daughter) to get the binder.  This is what my binder looks like now.

After a week of searching while I used one of Cera’s old binders I decided on this one.  It is a 3 inch Case It binder.  I have heard RAVE reviews on the Case It brand binders.  I figured if I was going to put this thing together I better do it right the first time.

After the binder you need sports card pages.  There are many different types of these pages.  I think the most popular with couponer are these two.

The Standard 8 slots

The three slots

After getting the pages and the binder we had learned at a coupon class that you can put paper into the slots so you can double the capacity of your binder.  It took us 5 hours to put the binder together, sort the coupons from the expanding file into the binder and clean up the mess in the living room.

I have gone shopping a few times with my new binder and I LOVE it.  No longer will I be standing in the isle of the store going “I know I have that coupon. Where did it go”  Today I put it threw the paces at two stores.  I think the trip to Target was not what I was thinking it would be but still great.  The trip to Wal-Mart was even better!  I came out with two bags of Skittles, three ice cream bars, 20 count box of Fudge Bars, a cake mix with frosting to go with it, some totinos snackers and some dish tabs.  My total for all of this after coupons was $12.37.

If you are interested in couponing I would recommend taking a class.  I can almost guarantee with the upsurge of couponing that you would be able to find a class near you.  There are many churches that are now offering these classes.  If a class isn’t in your future I have found two blogs that I LOVE.  The first is from a local Oklahoman that has been couponing for over 15 years.  Consumer Queen is a great resource for anyone who enjoys coupons.  Another site Raining Hot Coupons, though she does show some bad couponing practices at times, it is another great place to find coupons, free items and offers or I guess you could just ask me.  I am more than willing to share and help with my experience.

30 Day Music Challenge- Day 11

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A song from my favorite band.  Looking at my MP3 player I would have to say it isn’t a band that is my favorite.  It is more of an artist.  He has been famous for decades.  There are so many songs of Garths that I love but I could only find this one that wasn’t a cover.

30 Day Music Challenge- Day 10

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A song that makes me fall asleep.  At one point my life I could listen to music to fall a lseep, now I can’t.  It has be pretty quiet for me to sleep.  I generally have a fan going to for white noise.  So if I have to pick a “song” that makes me fall asleep it would have to be something like this.

30 Day Music Challenge- Day 9

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a song that you can dance to. Let me start by saying I CAN”T DANCE.  It isn’t that I don’t have the desire to dance.  I love to dance.  My body in the other hand never got that message.  I understand rythem.  I understand the concept of dancing but I truly suck at it.  I am the friend that you take to the club to keep people away cuz I will probably hit them while I dance.

If I was at the club and this song came on it would be over though.  I can’t keep myself off the floor.  It just makes me want to move……..Okay that is a lie.  I can’t dance so there really isn’t a song I like to dance to.  So I leave you with this because I can’t come up with anything.

Hey I have a sense of humor about it at least.