30 Day Music Challenge- Day 9

a song that you can dance to. Let me start by saying I CAN”T DANCE.  It isn’t that I don’t have the desire to dance.  I love to dance.  My body in the other hand never got that message.  I understand rythem.  I understand the concept of dancing but I truly suck at it.  I am the friend that you take to the club to keep people away cuz I will probably hit them while I dance.

If I was at the club and this song came on it would be over though.  I can’t keep myself off the floor.  It just makes me want to move……..Okay that is a lie.  I can’t dance so there really isn’t a song I like to dance to.  So I leave you with this because I can’t come up with anything.

Hey I have a sense of humor about it at least.


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