Should have done this DAYS ago

I should have done this DAYS ago.  I don’t know why it didn’t click in my head.  August 7th was the birthday of a person I have known the longest in my life besides my family.  She could probably tell you way to many stories about us growing up together.  She could tell you about all the sleepovers we had growing up, she probably still has the very embarrassing video of the dance we made in her basement (if you still have it I want a copy,) she could tell you how very stubborn I can be but she could also tell you that not matter what we will always be friends.

We met in the 4th grade.  Though we weren’t in the same class we still managed to meet in the school office because like she says she was in trouble, again, and I was leaving with a migraine.  5th grade had us in the same class together.  I think the only reason I passed 5th grade math was because she let me copy her paper or she helped me figure out the answers. Factions weren’t my friend then or now.

After 5th grade she moved away and we still remained BFF’s.  She was only gone for a few years and came back to me.  They always say if it was yours let it go, if it returns it was meant to be.  I guess we were just meant to be!

The years following we should have just lived with each other.  I can remember crying on her shoulder,  hot summers by the pool, nights I swore I would never fall a sleep then waking up the next morning wondering how I ended up where I was and cheese and mayo sanchwiches with extra cheese and flexall 454.

She may not be a blood sister but I don’t know what life with out my chosen sister would be like.  I don’t think I would have made it through my moms illness, growing up living with my dad or being a teen mom without her by my side.

So today I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY my siiister of mine!  Hope it was a wonderful one and I wish I could have been there.  Remember 31 isn’t so bad.  I know I’ve been there.


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