Not Me

Everyone has a feeling of who they are or who they want to be.  Lately I haven’t felt like I was me or working on who I wanted to be.  I have realized that I am not happy with who I am.  I have had the feeling that I haven’t accomplished anything over the last few years.  I’ve been stagnant in making goals and accomplishing them.  NO MORE!

Today thanks to my siiister that I haven’t been happy with my weight for a long time.  I have watched her over the last several weeks start a running program.  It is time that I do the same.  In a way I guess we could be running buddies.  My goal is to loose 85 lbs by this time next year.  It very do able.  That is a little under 2 bs a week.

I am also going to start planning our meals better.  As a family we are going to eat at home more, no ordering in doesn’t count or going to get food and bringing back home.  Leftovers will also be eaten or not have any at all.  Another thing that I want to do is get my kids to cook at least one meal a week.

So if I have any followers out there some support would be greatly loved!  I am going to start blogging more as I miss is a lot also.  In turn I am hoping to spend less time on Facebook.  I know I can’t cut it out completely because I am addicted to it but less time is always a plus!


One Response to “Not Me”

  1. Tanja Marie Says:

    Making your kids getting involved in the cooking sounds like a great idea. My mother did that, and I am grateful for that today.
    It is a way to spend quality time together, but also a way for the kids to learn to be more responsible and involved in family life.

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