Where to Start

Has it really been since December since I posted here?  WOW!  A lot has happened.  Somethings I just can’t post about here.  Family stuff that because family reads here (or at least used to) I can’t post about here.  Just leave it at it is a HUGE F*&^ING mess.  It truly amazes me that someone you have respect for can do so many things to loose it.  Then when you think they can’t get any worse they pull something else out and surprise you even more.

So a few posts back I talked about how I am a total App Addict.  There is one in particular that I got hooked on.  Superpoke Pets About a year ago I found a way to find out what they new stuff that they were releasing was going to be before they released it.  I started a fan page to show other players.  Well in the last year I have gained quite a following.  When I started it we used WordPress and there servers.  At the beginning of February we were able to get space on an independent server so we would have more space.  That has pretty much been my excitement the last few months.  SPP Addict is my baby.  I’d like to find  a way for us to get income on it.  Right now any of the writers do it on a voluntary basis.

My kids are doing great.  The finish the 5th grade in a little over a week.  Next year they start Middle School which I am totally not ready for.  I really hope I can get back into blogging more often.  I truly miss it.  Until then have a wonderful day!


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