App Addict

Bet you have been wondering where I vanished to?  Life has taken part of it.  The rest has been sucked into Myspace and Facebook Apps.  I have become addicted to the apps that they offer.  At first it was all I could do to find the new best app they offered.  It came to the point where I couldn’t keep up with them all.  So in the end I settled with a handful of them.  One in particular that I spend most of my time on is Superpoke Pets or SPP to us overly addicted.

I have become so addicted that I now publish a blog for the users for reference purposes, SPP Addict.  The others that I play are Farmtown, Farmville, Rollercoaster Kingdom, and a few others.  So if you ever want to catch me the best place to find me is on Myspace or Facebook.  I seem to always be on one of them.

Though I am addicted to these apps I am doing my best to start blogging here again.  The problem is life hasn’t been very eventful lately and I haven’t had any ideas to post about.  Working on that issue so I hope to see you all soon.


One Response to “App Addict”

  1. are you having problems logging into farmville, too? or is it just my stupid computer? i need my fix!

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