Happy Workaversary

marriott_logo_for_web_op_800x318So in my 30 years on this earth I haven’t had very many jobs.

My first was working for the parks and recrecation department during the summer.  I was an assistant for the summer park program.  That summer I was the tannest I have ever been.  I once had a picture of how dark I was that summer but somewhere along the line it has gotten lost. My second job was like most young girls.  I babysat for the same family for almost 4 years.  The only reason I stopped watching her son was that I had a child of my own.  The third job was bagging groceries at family owned grocery store.  That job only lasted for about 3 months and like most teens thought it was boring and so I stopped going.  Then I did the inbound call center thing (which really sucked.)  Next up was working at Office Depot.  Yes I worked at Office Depot for almost 2 years.  At the time I loved that job.

After I left there I started my first job in the hotel business.  Since then I have worked at 7 different hotels, two different brands and in two different states.  So today marks my 5th year at the same hotel.  YAY ME!!!  This is the longest I have ever been able to stay at one job.  I ussually get restless at two years and either quit or find something else.  I have no idea what has kept me here this long but so far I don’t see me leaving.

So happy workaversary to me!  5 years and still going.  Oh did I mention I even get a plaque and a giftie from Marriott for staying here for 5 years.  I’m so excited!!


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