Not a Project Mom

Both of my kids are in the fourth grade.  They were given a project at the beginning of the month that is due today, the 10.  There assignment was to build a Native American Dwelling and write a one paragraph report on the type of people that lived in them.

We purchased the items needed to complete there projects last Tuesday.  My son, being the ever adventurous one, chose to do a pueblo.  So we bought brown sand with the thought of mixing it will glue and forming it into the shapes needed.  The weekend has now come and gone and said project hasn’t even been started (dad was supposed to have helped the boy with his.)  So to save my sanity we went with the age old sugar cube igloo.  That was a pain in the a** also.

During this process I know I told him to focus more than I can count.  Several melt downs from my daughter and two finished projects later I have decided that I am so not a mom that does well with two kids having projects.  Let alone waiting till the last minute to start them.

I am now off to clean up the mess left from the project rampage.  I suppose I should take picture huh.


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