Have you ever…….

Have you ever been planning to have someone come stay with you and you are getting the house ready.  You think in your head I have 3 weeks to get everything I want to get done completed.  Then a few days later you look at the calander and you only have a week left and go HOLY SHIT I was wrong about three weeks I only had 2 weeks to get everything done.  Yeah that was me this morning.

Why does February only have 28 days instead of 30 or 31.  I wanted those extra days.  Everything will be done.  House painted, cleaned and pretty for my sister-in-laws visit.  Now if only I could get hubby to pitch in a little more.  He threw out his back this past weekend moving my sons bed.

WOW 9 more days till she is here.  I am so excited!!!!  We are going to P-A-R-T-Y while she is here.  YAY!!


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