Cheater Pics

So I went to Behr’s webpage.  It is the paint we used throughout our house. They have this nifty virtual color center that helps you pick the colors of paint you want to use.  I got these examples of what the kids rooms looked like.  Oh what you thought you were going to get real pictures that I took.  Okay yes you will but in the mean time this gives you and idea of what there rooms look like and what colors they picked.  It also gives me a post for today.  BWAHAHAHA

Cera’s Room


John’s Room

johns-roomSo these are what they sort of look like.  Cera’s picture looks more like what hers really looks like.  John’s looks like a cave or something.  That was his goal.  If I would have let him paint the entire room black he would have.  So now my other question is……….

Which one do you like better….

Kitchen With Lighter Top Color?



Kitchen with Darker Top


Okay I know that the colors are pretty much the same.  The top one is one shade lighter than the bottom but we just can’t decide which one we like.  Also there is no hope of changing the bottom color.  It is already painted that color and we like it a lot.  Also remember that the chair rail isn’t white.  We are staining it to match the cabnets.  Let me know what you think out there in cyberland.


4 Responses to “Cheater Pics”

  1. Rose Krise Says:

    I prefer to brown on top and the green on the bottom 🙂

  2. Rose Krise Says:

    I like the brown rabbit brown.

  3. I like it lighter. but I don’t know what the chair rail will look like (I really like the white in the picture), so I don’t know if it will blend in too much?? Otherwise… I *love* the green!!! 🙂

  4. Yeah about the white rail. I tried to convince the hubby that it should be white enamel (easier to clean and maintain) but I lost on that one. I think we decided to go with the lighter color. We got sample containers and tried both on the wall. We liked the lighter of the two.

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