Why Lie?

This past Friday I was doing my errands.

  • Junk yard for parts for hubby’s car, two junk yards later no part for the car
  • Goodwill to drop off stuff that we no longer need (check)
  • Office Depot to try to find a CPU stand for son’s computer (didn’t have one)
  • Auto Zone to see how much part for hubby’s car is going to cost us now (Check)  It only set us back $40.  YAY!!
  • Target to get laundry soap and fabric softener (check)

During one of the trips down around town I see a homeless guy on the corner asking for money.  In this town it is normal to see them everywhere.  You know some of them aren’t really homeless but trying to make a tax free buck.  Most of the signs read “Homeless vet please help” or  “Homeless and hungry”.  I am not a heartless person and will help sometimes.  I don’t give out money but try to give the food or bottled water.  I understand that there are events in our lives that are out of our control.  That once you loose your home it is very hard to get back on your feet but the sign I saw this past Friday made me laugh.  I almost gave him cash just for being creative.  His sign read ” Why Lie?  I need money for beer and cigarettes”  I laughed all the way to the next stop light.


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