Pissy Post Ahead

In general I am a person that keeps my opinions to myself.  I am non-confrontational.  I come to work do my job (most of the time) and go home.  Like most people I occasionally complain about my job.  Today is no different except one thing.  One of our managers broke his foot yesterday because of that he won’t be in today.

This morning he calls me to let me know that he won’t be in.  He asked me if I would help him get some of his paperwork done so the people he supervises can get there day started on time.  To me that isn’t a big thing.  I have helped with this before but it has been almost a year since I have been asked to do this.  So *George is talking me through getting this done.  Well please remember that he broke his foot, he is hopped up on some pretty good pain meds and that it is 5 o’clock in the morning.

In comes another employee.  I am sitting at the desk I usually sit at.  She tries to get on the computer that I am clearly using.  Who does that, I mean really are we five and don’t know how to wait?  Then after she realizes that I am using said computer she sits behind me sighing.  When I get what I just printed off the printer she comes back over and uses the computer.  Thankfully for her I was done with it.

While her reports print and I am still on the phone with *George figuring out things for the day.  She is once again behind me sighing.  Then to make things worse she starts making comments that she needs to get to work or breakfast isn’t going to be ready on time.  That she needs her keys right now and that she can’t wait any longer.

Oh please!!!  Spare me the sob story.  When things around her don’t go  her way she complains, get snippy with others, and can get down right ugly.  To add to that she talk to much, and annoys guests with the talking to much while they are trying to eat breakfast.  People who come to a restaurant don’t want to spend 10-15 minutes talking to you while they eat.  Even if we are a hotel and our business is hospitality.  That isn’t hospitality that is just being a nuisance to your guests.  To add to that she walks around farting and walking off.  EEEEWWWW GROSS!!!

Anyway I got sidetracked.  I ask they guy I am talking to if he can hold and I take care of sighing restaurant lady.  In the process of getting her what she wants when she wants it I tell her that I was talking to *George and that he won’t be in today because he broke his foot.  Guess what her reply was?  Just guess?  She says that isn’t good.  I bet that is going to be hard for him.  I should know I had to work with a broken foot.  So I send her on her way and go back to talking to *George.  We work things out and I get him off the phone.

Why is it that when I am trying to help our guests and employees that people decide they need to add there own opinion to the situation.  GAHHH I can’t stand these people I work with!!!!

I thought writing this would help me feel better but it didn’t.  CRAP now what do I do?  I still have 1 hour and 45 minutes left before I can leave and go cry in my car.  I hate my job right now.

*name changed to pretect the innocent


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