Tornado’s?? In February?? Seriously??


feb-2009-tornadoI have lived in Oklahoma almost 8 years. I have sort of gotten used to the violent storms that tear through the country side between April and August. Today changed that. I was woken up this afternoon to the sirens going off. My first thought is “Are the sirens broken or something. There can’t be a tornado anywhere near here.” WRONG. Thanks to global warming out weather has been so messed up recently. 80 degrees one day and the next we have an ice storm and school closings. Two weeks later we have 30 degree weather one day and a few days later damaging tornado’s going through the city. (yes we are fine, they missed us) I mean seriously tornado’s in February?

PS:  My keys came home and hide themselves in the clean laundry on the dryer.  I swear I looked there.


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