Another One


One bad thing about living in Oklahoma besides the tornado’s is the ice storms we get in the winter.  We get enough warm air from the Gulf of Mexico that snow doesn’t form easily but it gets cold enough to turn rain in to ice when it hits the ground.  We end up with roads that are huge skating rinks for cars.  One wrong move and you are off in a ditch.

Yes I grew up in Colorado driving on snow.  This doesn’t even compare.  With snow your tires at least have something to grab onto. With ice no such luck.  Tonight my husband barely made it up the driveway before he started to slide right back down.  Thanks to the ice melt that I had put down he made it up.

So right now as I sit here at work it is raining outside.  Then when it hits the ground it will freeze creating a fun ice skating rink for drive for me on the way home.  School was already canceled for Tuesday at 5pm on Monday.  Oh joy of joys for me today.


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