Into the Window Glass

We have all seen movies or TV shows where a group of people go out and have fun or a kid is learning to drive and hits the gas instead of the brake then they go through the window of a store.  I have always wondered how often that really happens.  Well on my way to work I always stop at the same gas station to get a drink.  Tonight was no different.  I pull into the parking lot and notice that one of the employees is parallel parked in three parking spot along the front of the building.  I think why did they do that.  I park behind him and find out why.

Someone had a little to much New Years fun and drove though there front window.  To make it even more unusual the lady driving the car got out, came into the store and started shopping for the things she came there for.  Totally oblivious to what she had just done.  The clerk said it scared him to death.  That one minute it was quiet and the next he had a car in the store.  I am just glad that is one thing that can’t happen where I work.


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