I have watched the time fly by this month.  Days go by and then I see the date and wonder where the two or three days went that I was missing.  I feel I haven’t been present in life the last few weeks.  Christmas has snuck up on me in more than the normal way.  Buying presents this year hasn’t been the fun thing I love to do.  Yes in years past money has been tight and this year isn’t any different except for one thing.  I can’t find the things I want to buy for people and if I do they cost more than I was expecting and have to go back to the drawing board. 

This year my kids get one present.  I haven’t decided if give it to them from Santa and stiff them presents from Hubby and I or go the other way.  Stiff them a gift from Santa and give them the gift from Hubby and I.  I suppose the  big gift could be from Hubby and I and the accesories could be from Santa.  That is if they get here before Christmas.

I think I hate Christmas this year.  No snow, no family to share it with, and everyone worrying about everything.  Bah Hum Bug!!!  I haven’t even decorated the tree this year.  I just got put up and that is it.


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