Sexual but Not

When I moved to Oklahoma I didn’t know anyone except a few family members.  Even then they were my husbands side of the family.  I had been working in the hotel business for a little over a year and knew that trying to get a job in a hotel would be my wisest choice.  I started at a smaller hotel until I couldn’t stand it any longer and went looking once again.  I landed at a Fairfield Inn doing the night audit. 

The guy that did the part time weekend shift did that job as a second job.  At first we didn’t get along.  Partly because I thought he didn’t do his job properly.  Soon I got over it and we got along great.  My kids loved to see him and thought he was pretty cool.  Even after I left the Fairfield the kids and I would go and see him at the shoe store that was his full time job.  About three years ago the shoe store he managed closed and he started working the night audit full time at the same hotel I had once worked.  So it became a nightly ritual for one of us to call the other and talk to keep each other awake.  Especially on those really long nights when people actually sleep. 

Like most friends do we had a lot of laughs late at night and started getting jokes that only him and I would understand.  One of them was when we called to find out if each other had rooms available and the percent would be 69%.  We would laugh at it knowing the hidden meaning behind he number 69.  We had a few others but none stuck like 69 seemed to.

In April he started not feeling well.  After his heart surgery this was not uncommon.  Though some how I knew it was different.  By May he was in the hospital and they diagnosed him with Lymphoma (spinal cancer.)  I would here from him every few weeks after that.  He would call at night after the nurses had come in to check on him and woke him on accident.  At his request I didn’t go see him.  I would have had to take the kids and he didn’t want them to see him in the hospital.  He always said a hospital is no place for kids to be. 

Scott passed away August 19.  I didn’t find out until a week after he passed that he was gone.  I still think of him every time I see our percentage at 69 or even if we sell 69 rooms I giggle at the thought.  Just wanted you to know that you are thought of and missed in my world.  Sorry I couldn’t  make it to your services.


2 Responses to “Sexual but Not”

  1. sweetie… i didn’t know this happened!!!! i’m so sorry. 😦

  2. Its okay. I just hadn’t gotten it in words till now. Yeah I miss talking to him at night but that is okay also

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