Dear Present Fairy

I know you are out there.  It seems that the last time I asked for something you delivered well above my expectations.  I know this time it will be hard to go above and beyond with this request but I would really like the new Guitar Hero World Tour bundle pack.  It is like RockBand but way better.  You see it come with the drums and the guitar like RockBand with three big differences. 

The first is that it is made by RedOctain and they just rock at what ever they do.  Two, the drums come with top hat cymbals that this uncoordinated person would not be good at but still be fun for the people watching to point and laugh.  Lastly, three, it has a mic so I can sing and make a even bigger fool of myself in front of everyone!!!  I know I haven’t gotten Guitar Hero Aerosmith yet but I really want this one first.


Guitar Hero Fan

PS here is a picture of it just in case you are a visual request Present Fairy.


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