I know those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks but I am going to anyways. I know my children are far from perfect and that they do, at times run off.  In my defence they are getting a little older (9 and 10) and can handle themselves to do some things by themselves.  The thing that has prompted me to be so annoyed with another parent is this.

Tonight like I always no I stopped on my way to work to get a drink at Circle K.  As I was getting out of my car I see a little girl run from her parents car toward the store.  That wasn’t the bad part.  They were getting ready to fill there car with gas which meant that the girl had to run across the area where people drive.  She didn’t even stop to look if there were any cars.  She was about 5 years old and in my opinion should know at least to look both ways before running away.  Her parents weren’t even paying attention.  They were standing there fighting about something.

While I am heading into the store the girl comes in and starts looking around.  In the time it took to get ice and fill my cup the parents had come in, the father paid for the gas and walked out, leaving the girl alone in the store while the mom went to the bathroom.  I was trying my best to watch out for the girl and the store when I saw her take a kool-aid drink out of the cooler and walk out.  Yeah she stole it and the clerk didn’t even notice.  I did let him know what I had saw and he tried to catch her before she walked out to the car by herself.  The mom still in the bathroom I guess the attendant caught the mom before she left the store because as I was pulling out of my parking spot she comes out and starts arguing with the dad about not watching her and letting her take things from the store.

I think the thing that got me the most about the whole thing was the blatant stealing from the store and the parents just letting there 5 year old run around like she was an adult.  I as a parent do agree that at times I allow my kids more independence that most parents would.  My kids have grown up independent.  They enjoy it along with the bonus’ that come with it.  They also don’t like some of the negatives that come with it.

Seeing how her parents let her do what she wanted just got me and reminded me that world we live in today isn’t the world I grew up as a child just 10- 15 years ago.  How time can change so fast.  How kids have no respect for there parents and only care for what they want.  How we have become a society of I want it now and I don’t care what it costs me in the end.  I hope there is hope for our young people and that they realize that it isn’t always about them.


2 Responses to “Annoyed”

  1. Oh my gosh, this would piss me off. I have a 5 yr old (who proclaims he is “practically 6, not 5” since his birthday is in 2 weeks), and while I think of all the independance I had at his age, I also know my parents were still watching out for me. For a child to run across the parking lot at a gas station… well, I guess it could be worse, but the parents weren’t even WATCHING her?? And then, to let her just go into the store on her own and then be surprised that she stole something?? They obviously haven’t taught her to go in the store and wait for the parent if she wants something. She can’t just TAKE it! And then the MOM gets upset with the DAD for not watching her? Hello???? There were two of you there!!!

    I wish I could give my kids more independance, but it’s hard enough for me to let my 1st grader go to the bathroom alone in a public place. I’ve seen too many news reports and read too many accounts in the newspaper about young children and strangers in the bathroom. It’s a scary world, and I don’t know yet where to draw the line between protection and giving them independance.

    (BTW, I *do* let him go to the bathroom, I just stand outside the door the whole time and if he’s taking what I think is too long, I start yelling in the door “Are you okay? Do you need help?” and stuff. I’m such an embarrassing mom, huh?)

  2. audiholycow Says:

    I do the bathroom thing too on my son. For my daughter I go and and knock on the stall. They both hate it but I agree it is for the safety.

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