I have been wanting to put on the cabinet under the sink a tip out drawer.  You all know the ones.  They hid behind the false drawer cover.  I was able to find a kit at Lowes to be able to install it.  So Sunday I went and bought it.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I thought this should be easy.  I’m thinking most of the false cabinet covers are either glued on or they are nailed on in some fashion.  WRONG!  Not mine!  They screwed the cover on.  Great for durability, bad for trying to remove it.

So when I started the project I was thinking it would take maybe 2 hours.  Again I was wrong.  It took me and hubby almost 5 hours to get the darn thing installed.  It truly wouldn’t have been to bad except for the screws.  They had put the screws in before the sink went in so now the sink was in the way of the screws.  The last screw had to be removed by taking the drill bit and a small 1/4 inch wrench and taking it out on little turn at a time.  So we got it finally installed.  It looks great.  Now all of the stuff that was living behind the kitchen sink faucet now lives in the drop down.

So in the cleaning up of all the tools that were out I grabed the hammer to put it away.  My daughter comes out and starts talking to me.  My hands were little wet.  Guess what happened??  I dropped the darn hammer on my left foot.  It hurt like some really back four letter words.  So now my foot looks like this:

Isn’t it pretty.  I am just glad I didn’t break anything.  I just really hurts now to wear shoes.  Even flip flops because the strap hit right over the top of it.


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