Proud Mama

I am so proud of my son I just have to share with everyone.  First a little background for everyone.  My son doesn’t really like school.  He easily forgets homework or just doesn’t want to do it.  If he doesn’t want to do it then you better be prepare for a fight for the long haul.  There is one exception to this rule with my fourth grader.  Remember the fourth grader part, K, it is important.

Every night both kids bring home there 3 inch binders with all of the papers that need to stay home and the adjenda that I am required to sign nightly.  I there I find John’s reading diagnostic report along with some papers that are stapled to it.  I start going through all of the stuff and get to the last page.  It shows that John reads at a 6 grade fifth month reading level.  Okay remember the part I said would be important?  Yes my son that doesn’t really like school and goes because he has to reads 2 1/2 grade levels above where he should be.  Great job John I am so proud of you!!!!!

(I was going to put a copy of the letter but you can’t read it)


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