Mother Hen

It has already started in our house.  It isn’t even the middle of September and everyone in our house is sick.  Once again my daughter decided she would share her germs with us.  We keep telling her we don’t like that kind of sharing but she always seems to give us her icky stuff.  I am at work right now hoping I don’t have to stand up to much because the rooms spins when I stand up.  YUCK!

I can at least be thankful that my mini me is feeling better and the mother hen in her has kicked in.  She sent me to bed and told me not to get up till I had to go to work.  Then she asked dad what kind of soup he wanted.  When he told her he didn’t want any she told him he better tell her what he wanted or he was going to get the kind he didn’t want.  Gotta love a nine year old mother hen.


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