Over a Month

Has it really been over a month since I wrote anything around here.  The dates can’t lie can they?  Well they could if I really wanted them to but I don’t so there.  Not much has been going on except the day to day things of life.  Kids started back to school on August 20 and my sleep schedule is still out of balance.  Need to fix that somehow but haven’t figured out how.  I seem to wake up everyday at 2:30 in the afternoon with at least another hour left to sleep.  I believe I have found part of the problem lies in the fact that with the kids home for the summer I have gotten in the really bad habit of taking short cat naps at work to stay functioning.  Now that the need for the cat naps is gone but still in the habit I find myself still falling asleep around 2 am for at least 45 minutes.  That is where not being able to sleep longer comes in.  If anyone has suggestions how to break me of this let me know.

So far school is going well for Cera but John seems to be struggling with it.  In the short two week time they have been in school he has been to the office twice, broken two pairs of glasses, and lied numerous times about not having homework when he truly did have homework.  I think this year will be a test on my patients as a parent.  I hope I pass the test in the end but only time will tell.  Cera on the other hand is doing well.  Though she did have to stay home sick today because she lost her voice and couldn’t stay awake for more that an hour or two because she didn’t feel good.  She is going back to school today.  Sadly I slept better with her home today than when the house is empty.

Another story for you:

I was driving to work the other night with a Uhaul truck behind me and I couldn’t figure out why the were honking at me.  It was getting to quite annoying.  I exited the highway to find that they were towing a car on one of those car carrier things.  They had apparently set the alarm on there truck after they put in on the carrier and they were driving down the road with the alarm going off and lights flashing.  It was a good laugh to see.  Bet the were wondering who was honking at them.


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