10 year reunion

In July my husband and I went back for his 10 year reunion (it would have been mine also but I had to go back for another semester to graduate.)  I don’t know what kind of ideas I had about going to this.  In my head I thought that maybe all of us had grown as adults and that we could all get along like adults. WRONG!!!!  It was like High School all over again except for one thing.  They all had kids just like them.  Minnie me’s as I call my daughter.  So much like there parents it was sort of sad in my eyes.  Of course we had people that we still talk to on a regular basis that were there.  Which they the way was awesome to see them again.  They were what made this whole thing bearable.

I don’t know if we will go to the next reunion.  I think some more time needs to go buy before I would consider going to another one.  Hopefully buy then the line that was drawn in High School between the clicks will have blurred and we can all come to the reunion as a person and not as that girl that got knocked up her senior year or that preppy boy that dated that preppy girl and broke up in the lunch room the last week of school.

The worth while bunch


2 Responses to “10 year reunion”

  1. I have heard that the 10 year is a waste of time because it’s JUST like high school, but the 20 year is totally worth going to. Everyone talks to everyone, and those cliques have disappeared. I’ve heard this from people from all over, so I’m hoping it to be true.

    I didn’t go to my 10 yr (I had just had a baby, and besides, there was so much drama in the planning of it that hardly anyone ended up going. Sad.), but my class has decided to have a 15 yr. That’s in 2 years. Same year as my husband’s 20 year. (Are we REALLY that old??). I’m hoping to go to my 15 yr because I’m hoping that 5 yrs has made enough of a difference. Besides, I’m “friends” with everyone on Facebook now, so we should all get along, right? RIGHT????

  2. audiholycow Says:

    Just because they can stand to see you on there Facebook doesn’t mean a thing. That is what I thought. I have some of them on my Myspace and it was just like High School. You end up being just a number for them. For now atleast that is what I am to them a number so they can have more “friends” than everyone else. As for the 20 year reunion I hope it is better but by then both my kids will be out of High School and hopefully be in college. Man just thinking about it is a little scary.

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