Paint and Stain

We picked the paint and stain for the walls and chair rail in the kitchen.  We decided to paint the bottom half and keep the same color on the top half.  Even though we are keeping the same color on the top we are still going to need to paint it because of the crappy quality of paint that the builders used.  So these are the colors that we have:

The green is for the bottom and the top is the tan color.  As for the chair rail it will probably be a classic oak or pecan color. I have taken before pics so when we get it done. At least close to done because we need a lot of the tan color so that won’t get done for a while. I will post the after ones as well. Hope it turns out like we want it to. Even if we don’t like it the chair rail will be saving our kitchen wall from this slow painful death it is experiencing and the lower half of the wall will be protected and washable.


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