Morbid Much?

I work with this guy that can say some pretty strange things at times.  Like today we were waiting on one of our employees, we will call her Mary, to get here to take the shuttle from work to the airport.  (Saves us from having to pay for parking at the airport.)  Mary calls and says that she is running late and she is on her way.  I pass that onto our van driver who asks about the next van run. I let him know it doesn’t have anyone scheduled on it so he walks away.  Few minutes go buy and he comes back and asked “What if a guest comes and needs to take the shuttle but can’t because I’m not here, he misses his flight and misses his daughters funeral?”  Funeral, come on!  I know that is a possibility but funeral?  Why did he choose funeral and not business meeting or just left it a missing his flight home?  This guy never cease to amaze me with what he will come up with.  Did I mention he thinks he is a rocket scientist.  Um no don’t think so.


One Response to “Morbid Much?”

  1. […] in the kitchen so the walls would last longer than year.  It was reconfirmed that I work with some pretty strange people.  Then to finish the month off I got a new hair cut and died […]

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