The month gone by

Has it really been over a month since I posted last?  Okay I won’t play stupid I know it has been.  So to get you up to date I will let you know what has been happening (in no particular order)

  1. Dealing with new neighbor that doesn’t like things going into his yard.  We bought a badminton set and the birdie kept ending up over the fence into his yard.  The kids went to get it one afternoon and he told my 8 year old daughter that if it happened again that he was going to throw it away.  What a meany head.  To solve the fence problem we play in the front yard.  Now we just walk on there grass to get it.
  2. Tried cleaning out the garage several times.  Only to get enough of it clean that we can fit a car in there.  That only lasts a few days and then we start all over again.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  3. Discoverd that the table and chairs we have, well just the chairs really, hit the cheapy “ceiling” paint and leave huge gouges in the wall.  Went and bought some chair rail at Home Depot on Saturday.  Now to decide whether to stain it or paint it.  Hubby wants stain and I think paint would hold up better.  I think hubby will win this one.  So eventually I will have a kitchen that has a chair rail that looks something like this:
  4. I have discovered that having cats with flea sucks more than donkey butt.  Partially due to the fact that they find me just as tasty as the cats.  My ankles now look like a spotted war zone.  We are getting them under control.  They just snuck up on us this time.  Again I hate fleas!!!!
  5. The charming daughter turned 9 and we took her to Celebration Station.  We did the wrist bands for the go carts and the bumper boats.  Just an FYI if you haven’t been recently or never been to the one here in OKC the bumper boats now have sprayers that you can spray each other with.  I got drenched complements of the charming children.  We also did the cheater thing and had saved our putt putt balls from the last time and did a round.  The balls didn’t like us much because they kept getting stuck in the little drop holes.
  6. Found out that our high school is having a 10 year reunion.  We aren’t special enough to get an invite but some of our friends are.  We have been trying to figure out how to get there.  Funds are tight with the move and the new mortgage.  Don’t think we are going to make it this time.  Darn!  I would love to be able to go to Colorado for a few days but the reunion sounds a little strange if you ask me.  though if by some miracle we get to go the kids are staying with friends and we are taking an adults only trip.
  7. Went swimming for the first time in almost two years and got burnt to a crisp, even with 30 spf sunscreen on.  Never fails I get burned every time.  The new joke is that I am such a cracker that I can fit under our couch.
  8. Trying to get some extra cash.  Am trying to come up with ideas on how I can get people to pay me to take pictures of them.  I love doing that and have quite a few sample pictures to show if anyone is interested.  I  have found some great places across the city to take pictures at.  Maybe I should consider landscaping my yard so I can start taking pictures there down the road sometime. HMM note to self win the lottery so you can buy plants and a bigger yard.

I think that is everything.  Who knows there may be more that this sleep deprived person can remember.  Hey I have slept since yesterday.


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