Wow I haven’t posted in a few weeks.  I guess I just haven’t had much to talk about.  Along with that I have been catching up on LOST online during my time at work.  When the show first came out I watched the first few episodes and stopped watching because they were up against another show I liked better.

So this evening I get up and see on the news that Windsor, Colorado was hit by at least an F3 tornado.  For is being that close to the mountain range they don’t see that many tornado’s.  When they do they are maybe a F1.  So when I heard about the tornado I called my dad.  He works just a few miles from where the twister hit.  I thought it sort of odd that I was calling him to ask him if everyone was okay.  In the past they called us after a tornado has come to close for comfort to us.  After talking with him for a few minutes and found out that he was okay we talked more about what had happend.  I found out that if he hadn’t turned around because he forgot his paycheck when he left work he would have been right in the middle of this nasty work of mother nature.

Houses are without roofs and walls.  A daycare is having to close.  The Kodak processing plant that is in this town has been shut down till Monday because to many of there transformers were blown when the twister swept through the town.  They also fear that some of the automated equipment may have been damaged when the transformers went out.  So if you do plan on having any x-rays anytime soon this should prove to be interesting.  This plant produces the majority of x-ray films and other motion picture film.

Though only one death has been reported and all of my family safe and accounted for it is almost odd that I would be calling my family to find out if they were okay from a tornado.


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