Chocolate and Caramel

Most days my husband and I live in the same house together.  Yes we talk like a normal couple but generally with the kids we don’t have enough time to spend “together.”  So with the added stress of buying our loverly house, having three other people living in a 1300 square foot apartment and PMSing I totally lost it.  I was put to the brink and yelling and screaming at one of the people staying with us (I still think she deserved it.)  So we left the house for a break from everything.  We had to stop for gas to get where we were going.  While I was filling the van with gas my hubby goes into the store and gets me my favorite candy bar.  It wasn’t just the normal size he got me the KING size version.  Oh it was heaven.  I love my hubby, he can bribe me with chocolate and caramel anytime.


One Response to “Chocolate and Caramel”

  1. Yay for good husbands! They are worth it, huh? 😀

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