Over Worked

Why do I do this to myself.  It seems that at least once a year we run short on staff.  Every time I seem to get asked to work an extra shift.  Well we have been short staffed for a few months now dating back to December I think.  We lost our part time night person and between my boss, another front desk clerk and myself we have been covering his two nights.  I have been working six days a week for almost two months now.  It is starting to really wear me out!!!!  I am always tired and slightly grumpy.  Oh and my right eye will mysteriously start twitching.

The one day off isn’t really a day off because I work a 11pm to 7am shift.  So I go home take a nap and have half that day to do whatever.  The next day comes and I am still to tired to do much.  Then have to take another nap so I can work that night.

The plan stands now that I get spring Break off.  I don’t know if I will even know what to do with two days off let alone 7 days of not working.  Oh I know what will be done.  Finish conquering Mount Laundry that I still haven’t defeated.  Came close once but work bit me in the butt again.


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