Would you like salsa with that?


This morning I was out getting cat food and a few other things.  I stopped at Taco Bueno to get some breakfast.  Pulled up to the drive through to place my order and this is how it went:

Bueno Guy:  Welcome to Taco Bueno, order when you are ready.

Me:  Yes I would like a number 6 please.

Bueno Guy:  Would you like salsa with that?

Me:  No thank you

Bueno Guy: Okay what would you like to drink with that?

Me:  Dr. Pepper please (cuz even though it is 9:00 in the morning and I have to go home and go to bed I heart Dr Pepper to much to pass it up.)

Bueno Guy: Okay would you like salsa with that.

Me:  No thank you.

Bueno Guy: Your total is blah, blah, blah  please put to the window.

I pulled forward, payed for my order, got my drink and waited for the rest.

Bueno Guy:  (hands me my order) Would you like salsa with that.

Me: No thank you.

Yes I was asked three times in less than three minutes if I wanted salsa with my order.  Its not that I don’t like salsa but I was driving and know better than to try to tackle salsa while driving.  I pulled away from the window giggle at the guy.


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