Red Bull Man


Dear Mr. Red Bull Delivery Driver:

Let me tell you that I got a huge kick out of watching you drive down the highway with your back door open.  I was just waiting to see if you would loose any of the Red Bull that was just waiting to be delivered to the store.  Alas about a mile down the road you figured out that the door was open and you had to pull over to close it.  I laughed the whold way as we both drove down the road.

Though I know the unsuspecting drivers had no clue that at any moment cases of Red Bull might come flying out the back like a projectile.  I’m glad you figured it out before someone got seriously hurt.  For future reference close the door before starting the vehicle and driving away.  Better yet close the door right after you get the cases of Red Bull out of the back to prevent this from happening again.

Concerned OKC Driver


One Response to “Red Bull Man”

  1. […] for 2009’s birthday a new Nikor lens for said camera would rock.)  I discovered that the Red Bull delivery truck driver isn’t the brightest crayon in the box and that I hate presidential election years with a […]

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