My Boy


Here is the problem.  My son has severe ADHD.  He takes Adderall on a daily basis.  Though lately it seems that the meds aren’t working as they used to.  It may just be me but I doubt it.  My friends that know him well have noticed the same things that I have been seeing for a few weeks.  His attention span is zero, he is disruptive in class, and to get him to follow through on the simplest task is like pulling teeth.  Just to get him to take out the trash takes him 30 minutes because he get distracted by everything.

He has been on different things over the years.  Ritalin, Concerta and now the Adderall. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on what would be a good medication to try next.  It seems that once a year we have to change due to the fact that what he currently takes doesn’t work anymore.  Also due to the fact that he is almost 10 and weighs less than 50 pounds so they won’t up the dosage. If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful.


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