Soap Box

I do understand the importance of electing government officials.  I also understand the importance of having an informed decision on who the candidates are.  But I can say that I am tired of it constantly being in the news.

Every where you turn there is Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Good grief it almost makes me not want to vote for them.  What happened to the days when candidates didn’t belittle and fight with each other.  Is that who I really want running my country?  Someone who acts like a five year old when things don’t go there way or they don’t like what someone else says.  How old are we?  Last I checked both Obama and Clinton were both forty-six not five.  If my child behaved like they are they would be in serious trouble.  These two aren’t.  What is everyone thinking.

Okay I think I feel a little better.  Though these elections are still going to drive me batty before it is over.  Don’t even get me started on the other candidates.


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