Five Hours

Yesterday in normal fashion my apartment maintenance came to our apartment do some work orders that were submitted two weeks ago.  There are two things that makes this frustrating.

  1. The work order they came to check on was a water leak.
  2. The maintenance guy kept say “maintenance” over and over and over again till it work me up.

If it takes two weeks to check on a water leak how long would it take to get something else fixed.  I know the answer to that question all to well.  It would never get fixed.  The thing that annoyed me about the other thing is why would you keep yelling maintenance in the middle of the day.  Aren’t most people at work during this time?  Don’t you think that if no one answers you the first few times they aren’t home?  I know I am one of the exceptions to this rule.

So after I laid there for a minute and decided he wasn’t going to leave.  I got up got, dressed just for him to leave and say I will come back in a minute.  So I stayed up for a little bit and when he didn’t come back I headed for the office.  I asked the lady there if he was coming back.  She looked at me like I had two heads.  She had no clue what I was talking about.  Then after explaining to her what I meant she said “No the guy that would probably fix that isn’t here today.”  After leaving there I was no longer tired.  So I stayed up till two and then went back to bed. 

When the kiddos got home they did there homework and played on the PS2 and watched some movies.  At 7 my daughter comes in and asks “Mom when are you going to get up?  It’s 7 o’clock.”  I tell her I didn’t get to bed till two and that I was still pretty tired.  She then tells me well that is 5 hours.

When the hubby got home I told him what she had said.  He suggested to her that he wake her up a three in the morning because that would be 5 hours.  She didn’t like that idea at all.  I think she got the point. 


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