Mr. Luggage

This morning at work I get a call from a guest that had left the hotel and was at the airport.  He asked me

Mr Luggage: Did my luggage get dropped off last night?

Me: Yes it was dropped off.

Mr Luggage:  Oh I came by last night and you told me it wasn’t there.

Me:  It was dropped off after you came by.  We didn’t want to wake you up so we didn’t call you. (in my head I’m thinking, we thought you would call in the morning anyways.  Everyone else does)

Mr Luggage:  Is there anyway that you can bring it to the airport?

Me:  Sure we have a shuttle going to the airport in 10 minutes and will be there in about 25 minutes.

Mr Luggage:  Well my flight leaves in 40 minutes I don’t have time to wait for it.  Let me see if I can get a later flight.

So I set on the phone with him for a few minutes while he waits in line.

Mr Luggage:  I don’t want to make you set here on the phone with me let me call you back.

Me:  Thank You but please let me know in the next 10 minutes what you need us to do so I can let my van driver know whether he needs to bring your luggage.

Mr. Luggage:  Okay.

So about five minutes goes by and he calls and tells me that he got a 11 o’clock flight out and could our shuttle come get him.  I told him we could and he would be there at 15 till.  My van driver leaves thinking he needs to pick ths wahoo up at the airport.  Fifteen minutes later I get a call from my driver.

Driver:  Where is he? There is no one out here.

Me:  I don’t know he should be there.  I told him you would be there at this time.  Wait 5 more minutes if he isn’t there go ahead and come back to the hotel.

Driver: Okay

So while waiting to find out what happens this guest shows up at the hotel. 

Me: What happened?

Mr Luggage:  I decided to take a cab.

I radio the driver and tell him to come on back that Mr. Luggage decided to take a cab and was already at the hotel.

Mr Luggage: I thought he had to go to the airport anyways?

Me: He did but he was waiting to pick you up.

Mr Luggage: Oh sorry.

A few points to help you not annoy the staff if you ever stay at a hotel.

  1. If you for some reason have luggage that is lost at the airport check to see if it has been brought to the hotel before you leave for the airport.
  2. If for some reason you don’t check to see if it has been brought to your hotel and you get to the airport without it then ask for someone to come get you.  Stay there and don’t take a cab.  It makes the staff not want to help your sorry butt for being a moron.

Thank You and have a nice day.


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