I went and paid my rent today.  We have until the fifth to pay rent without any late fees.  The lady taking my rent tells me that today starts the day that rent is late.  I tell that it is a surprise to me because we have always had until the fifth to pay our rent.  She goes and grabs our folder and sees that we haven’t signed a lease for a year and a half and tells us that we need to sign a new one.  I ask will this affect out rent?

She walks off and goes and asks the manager.  She comes back and start writing something.  Doesn’t say a word to me.  So I ask again.  If we sign a new lease what will that do to our rent?  Well it will go up to $650.  To me that is a lot.  We currently pay $470 on our apartment.  That is one of the reasons we have stayed in these apartments so long.  Though in my mind they really aren’t worth that either.  The pool in the two years we have lived there has never worked, the maintenance has been lacking, and we now have raccoons living between the floors and in the walls.  To make matters worse the building we are in is pretty much empty.  Including us there are 4 apartment out of 14 that are occupied.

I tell them that if the rent goes up that we will have to move because we can’t afford that for this apartment.  I tell her we have never been late on rent and we have never had any troubles while living there.  She tells me it doesn’t matter that if she is charging someone else that amount she can’t not charge us that amount.

Hello McFly?  We haven’t signed a lease in a year and a half.  Why now?  Do you not review the file periodically to check them?  To make sure people are paying what they need to be paying?    This sucks!!! I hate moving but at least maybe this way we can find a house for what they want in rent. 


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