Birthday Fairy

So the present fairy never showed.  Crazy present fairy must not have gotten message.  Though I can say the birthday fairy showed up yesterday.  So maybe the message to the present fairy ended up going to the birthday fairy. I didn’t quite get what I was looking for. Instead I got something better.  Yes I said better.


For my birthday my hubby got me a new Nikon D40x digital camera.
There are so many buttons and features on this thing that I am forced to actually read the manual to figure out all the features on it.  With my last one I sort of just putzed around with till I got if figured out.  Not with this one.  If you putz with it you might break it.

I am so excited!!!!  WOO HOO birthday fairy.


One Response to “Birthday Fairy”

  1. DEFINITELY better!! That’s the one I’m waiting for. Send that birthday fairy on over!! 🙂

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