Word Play

Just a warning this post may be taken as dirty…….

Today is my girl day with my friend Amy.  We can tend to get a little obnoxious when we are around each other.  We did our normal breakfast and shopping today.

Then this afternoon we went to On Cue to get drinks and a little snack.  We both got Slim Jims and a Dr. Pepper.  It has become a joke to sword fight with the slim jims.  So, in our normal fashion, we started sword fighting in the store.  Of course we both got the weirdest looks but we have grown to laugh at them.  They are just more entertainment for us.

We paid for our items and I got some scratch off lottery tickets and head to the car.  I get in and Amy starts getting in and she tells me she just stepped in come.  With my dirty mind I thought she was talking about the other one so I look at the floor.  There I find her sons vocabulary flash cards in a bag with the word “come” facing up.  After we both giggle about what dirty minds we both had we played with our scratch cards.  So in less than 5 minutes we played with our meat, stepped in “come” and had to scratch it off.  A great day to be dirty minded.


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