Present Fairy

Who out there wants to buy me very a expensive gift?  I bet you do don’t you?!  I’m asking because it enjoy taking pictures.  I have become the person people go to have pictures taken.  I can’t say that I am awesome but I’m not horrible either.  The camera I have now is good, though I am looking for a GREAT camera.  I currently have a Sony Cyer-Shot blah, blah, blah (the blah’s are for the rest that I can’t remember TEHE)  It has a 5.1 mega pixel Carl Zeiss zoom lense on it.  The only problem it has is the ISO doesn’t go high or low enough and doesn’t take very good pictures in shaded or dark areas.  Also shutter is to slow for what I am using it for most of the time.  Another feature I want is to have better zoom capabilities

So you are wondering what camera I want instead, right?  I want this one…….


I have read a bunch of reviews on it and really the only bad thing people say bad about it is the battery. That it doesn’t stay charged for as long as they would like and that a second one would be a good idea.  The only downside for me is that it is a $400 camera.  In that area I am dreaming.  So if anyone out there wants to be my expensive camera fairy I would be forever grateful.  Though keep in mind that I have asked for it for my Birthday (February 6, feel free to send more presents for that also.)


3 Responses to “Present Fairy”

  1. I would totally buy it for you…. if I had an extra $400.00 lying around….

  2. audiholycow Says:

    I understand Oliver needs stuff more than I do. I don’t expect you to be my expensive present fairy. I don’t even need a birthday present. I know you loves me and that is all that matters. Well along with being a good baby baker. TEHE. Missin you lots. Also still waiting to see if you still need anything for the baby. No hurries but for some reason I can’t find your registries. Guess it is all Audi error.

  3. It’s under my name at (you know, Meghann Myers) that’s all you have to put in. Really all we need right now is a stroller and a changing table…. but those are both expensive….. so I don’t know. There’s other stuff on there. Like blankets and toys and stuff. I think that’s really all we need unless there’s something I’m missing….. which could happen. Haven’t been in the right state of mind lately! 🙂

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