On the Go


I have found the nifty new web page.  There is one recipe that I myself should have thought of a long time ago.  It is like a portable omelets.  I totally suck at making omelette’s in a pan.  I just don’t have the wrist turning action needed to make a great omelets.  In comes awesome recipe.  So today I made a batch of them.  Hubby liked them and get this both kids loved them.  I figured that I made them with cheese, bacon, chunked ham, salt and pepper that they would but with my two you never know if you are going to have a winner or not.  This time I did.  This way they have something to eat for breakfast in the morning besides cold cereal.  They can heat these babies up the mikie for a few seconds and have a warm homemade breakfast.  We will see how it goes throughout the week.  See if they still like them after eating them all week long.  I made 28 of them.  (no the pictures isn’t what mine turned out looking like but they were close.  I didn’t include the chives.  My kids would have hated them.)


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