……Why?  Because I got a new TV!!!!  WOO HOO.  The CompUSA that we shop at all the time is going out of business.  We went there to get some computer stuff for some computers that hubby is building for a friend.  We were looking around and found this 42″ LCD TV discounted $250.  Yeah we were not really planning on buying it when we got there but we had the money saved so we slurged!!!  We even had the car with us not the van.  Along with all four of us to fit into the car and the TV because it wouldn’t fit into the trunk.

On the way home Cera got to sit next to the TV and hubby the boy and I rode in front.  I had to drive becuase the seats had to be pushed to far forward that Jason couldn’t have driven even if the tried.  We are still playing around with it but the news looked awsome on it.


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