Today in the mail I recieved a package from my dad.  For me it is unusual to get things from my parents unless it is a holiday or someones birthday.  So to see that little manilla envelope in my mail box with my old home address was a little unnerving.  I open up the envelope to find a little blue jump drive with a letter from my papa san.  In short it explained what was on the drive and what he wanted in return.

He had sent pictures of the house they are currently building along with pictures of the old house before, during and after demolition.  You see in order for them to start the new house they had to demo the old one to build in its place.

I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the new house.  Yes I looked at those first.  Then onto the old house.  Looking at that house brought back memories.  Lots of them.  Some good, some bad, others a mixture of both but looking at the house that I had lived in for over 10 years being demolished into a pile of nothing made me feel sad and happy.

Growing up in that house for me wasn’t the best.  I tried a few times to talk my parents into letting me move out and go live with my aunt.  In that house I always felt trapped.  Even unwanted at times.  So seeing that house go down for the count helped in some strange theraputic way.  So for you viewing pleasure here is the before picture.*  Along with a slideshow of the demo from start to finish.**  Enjoy.

*Forgot to load it into photobucket  OOOPS:( will get it up in the morning.
**Work computer doesnt have flashplayer 8. Can’t make video another thing to put up in the morning. For your veiwing pleasure here a just a few of the pics to tide you over till then.

The house before


One Response to “Demoed”

  1. I can’t believe that house is gone. Wow. I used to drive by there all the time after you left, it was all I had for a while. It’s so sad, but so good at the same time.

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