Today in total John fashion he fell while playing his Gameboy.  Okay that doesn’t sound like much of a story does it?  Well there is a story to this.  My son has this very bad habit of walking and playing his Gameboy. 

He is totally into his Pokemon game that he has.  We were leaving our house today to go to the store to get dinner.  We walk out our door and on our porch are our bikes.  Instead of turning to avoid waling into the bikes he walked right into them.  He then turned and tripped over them.  Even though it was slightly funny to watch him do this.  He had been warned not to play his gameboy and walk at the same time for just this reason.   I doctored him up.  Cleaned out his scraped elbow, put neosporin on it and also put a band-aid on.  Hope he learned not to walk and play his gameboy.  Doubt it though.


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