My son has a 10 gallon fish tank.  In it we have a black molly, a plyclostimous, two yellow mickeys, two golden snails, two upside down catfish and a loach.  We noticed that the black molly has large white spots on him.  I also think that one of the golden mickeys is also developing the same things on his tail where the mickey head is.

I’ve tried to determine what it is by doing a google search.  The only thing I can find is suggesting that is it Ick.  By looking at the pictures and reading the descriptions it just doesn’t sound quite right.  Ick is supposed to look like salt sprinkled on the fish.  Our molly’s spots are larger that described they look more like little pieces of fuzz or cotton spotted all over the body.  If anyone out there can help my son would be grateful.  He is totally freaking out that his fish are sick.


One Response to “Tank”

  1. Ick can look like little cotton fuzzys attached to the fish. You will want to get the water tested, and then talk to the pet store to see what you can do. You might need to add a mineral treatment to your water. Also, make sure that the temperatue isn’t too hot… somewhere between 60 and 65 degrees for mollies.

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