I have been wanting a new layout for my blog for sometime. I personally tried to fiddle with my current one with no luck. I have begged my husband to help me but he is currently way to busy with school, work, and family obligations to really be of any help to me or himself in that area. I have also noticed quite a few bloggers using other web pages to publish there blogs. So I have been considering moving my blog. I just have one question. Is it difficult to transfers two and a half years of blog posts. What would everyone recommend I move to if I move? Just a little thought.


One Response to “Transfer”

  1. I used to be on Blogspot, but switched to WordPress. They actually have a handy little button that transfers all your posts (and comments!) over.

    At first I wasn’t really sure about WordPress because I had gotten so used to Blogger, but after a bit I found there was a LOT about WordPress I really like. So, uh… there ya go! 😉

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