Memories Like the Corner of My Mind

Does anyone out there remember BOOK IT!? Tonight the family went to Pizza Hut because once again Cera had earned her third BOOK IT! coupon. She got to enjoy her very own personal pan pizza with canadian bacon on it. YUM!!!

I can remember when I was in first grade earning my first BOOK IT! coupon for that personal pan pizza. My school had a read-a-thon. We all got to bring in sleeping bags and pillows. All the kids read in the gym all day long to earn our coupon. That must have been the start of BOOK IT! because they are now celebrating 20 years. Makes me feel really old.
Another thing I can remember about BOOK IT! is going to visit my family in Denver over spring break. My cousin and I never managed to have spring break off together. So one day during break my Aunt and I went and picked my cousin up from school and took him to use his BOOK IT! coupon.
Oh those were the days. To be a kid again and get free Pizza Hut Pizza!!!

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