I had the oddest dream last night. I dreamed I was pregnant. That my husband and I told everyone that we were expecting and that they all forgot. We would tell them again and they would once again forget. The dream went on like that till I went into labor. Then suddenly everyone was like “Oh my gosh why didn’t you tell us you were pregnant. We better get you to the hospital.” Then they would walk away and leave me there still needing a ride to the hospital. This seemed to go on for days. When I finally got to the hospital the doctor told me that I wasn’t pregnant and to go home. When I got home I some how had a baby that was ours.

I very rarely remember dreams. Often when I do remember them they they in some shape or form come true. For my sake I can’t really get pregnant because I have been “fixed”. Had my tubes tied over 6 years ago during my last C-section. I have now become very confused.


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