He did it!!!

Several years ago John was learning to ride a bike. Almost had the hang of it without training wheels. Then along came Mr. Tree. John ran into Mr. Tree with his bike and part of his face. He has the scar on his right cheek to prove it.

We have been trying to get him to get back on the bike for years. We would partly suceed but he was still to scared. Till today!!! I took him out and we started at the top of the parking lot. Had a slight downward grade with no trees in sight. The end of the parking lot was like the end of a cul-da-sack. This way he could learn to turn around and ride back up the hill.

After many attempts he got the hang of it. All four of us got on our bikes and took a two block ride to 7-11 and got some snacks and a drink and came home. He did awsome!!!! He is still a little scared but he is doing much better now!!!! (though no pictures yet)

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