On my way home today I was talking to my 8 and 9 year old. I asked them what I had told them about Friday morning.

Daughter (8 years old): We need to be ready to go before you get home from work. Shack is getting his nuts chopped off……… Where are his nuts? Are those the things that hang off his butt.

Me: Trying to not bust out laughing and drive off the road and listening to both children.

Son(9 years old): Yes those are them.

Daughter: How would you know?

Son: Because I am a boy and have them so I know what they look like.

Daughter: Yeah but your not a cat.

Son: So they all look about the same. Daddy even has some.

(By this time I am am laughing at them)

Me: Yes those are what they are.

Out of the mouths of my children everyone. What can I say. My daughter has a potty mouth. I can’t believe I just shared that but it was just to funny.


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